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Editorial: Filipinos find oneness in community organizations (August 2017)

Bayanihan is a valued tradition among Filipinos. In Philippine villages, its spirit draws farmers to join hands and help each other plow the fields, plant and harvest the rice, maintain irrigation canals, or move a house. It inspires urban dwellers to get together and volunteer to patrol the neighbourhood to keep peace and order or fight fires.

Interestingly, when Filipinos migrate to Canada, the bayanihan spirit continues to permeate their community life through the formation of Filipino associations.

Category: Editorial

Wishing success to the new breed of Canadian Filipino entrepreneurs (April 2017)

Filipinos are found in the seven continents of the world. And everywhere they go, Filipinos are proud to say that they can compete with the best.

Here in Canada, Filipinos are found in various fields, from the professions to the arts and trades. Many of them are successful in their own right, proving that Filipinos can indeed shine among the finest.

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Filipino Food – Different and Delicious – But why has it not gone Mainstream? (March 2017)

Traditional home-cooked Filipino food is tasty and delectable. Even non-Filipinos have been captivated by it. However, with many more Filipinos in Canada today than Malays, Thais and Vietnamese combined, why has Filipino cuisine not gone mainstream the way Malaysian, Thai, and Vietnamese foods have done? Why are Filipino restaurants in Canada short-lived? What can be done to make traditional authentic Filipino food more popular? Is Filipino food good only for shared family meals at home, but too cheap and ordinary for restaurant fare?

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How Second-Generation Filipinos Identify in Trudeau's Post-National Canada (February 2017)

As Canadians gear up to celebrate their nation’s 150th anniversary, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau outlines a new governing principle for Canada: the principle of post-nationalism.

He boldly asserted this philosophy in a recent interview with TheNew York Times where he described Canada as the first post-national state. ‘‘There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada,” Trudeau claimed. ‘‘There are shared values — openness, respect, compassion, willingness to work hard, to be there for each other, to search for equality and justice.”