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Editorial: 2019 – The Year of the Filipino (January 2019)

For most, to call 2018 a crazy year is an understatement, what with new realities like fake news and the #MeToo movement. But 2019 forces us Filipinos to remind ourselves of who we are, what we are made of, what we are capable of doing. A new year is a chance to turn over a new leaf, to turn our backs on the year that was and to accept a brand new opportunity to make real changes. And we Filipinos can easily do that by going back to the basics through the virtues that we have become known the world over – but this time with the wisdom of those many lessons we have learned as a people.

Category: Editorial

Editorial: Enjoy Retirement with your children’s inheritance (November 2018)

As November is the sunset of a calendar year so is old age the setting sun for a senior’s life. But the golden years can be good if one prepares for aging according to Lindsay Green, author of “You Could Live a Long Time, Are You Ready?” This and other books and magazine articles on the subject of aging are gold mines of ideas for enjoying old age.

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Editorial: Civic literacy: power to the voter (October 2018)

This fall, six of Canada’s 10 provinces will be holding local government elections. Based on historical voter turnouts, it’s not looking very promising.

In Ontario, which has the largest population of Canadian Filipinos, average voter turnout at its last civic election in 2014 was only 43.12 per cent, according to the Association of Municipalities Ontario. In British Columbia also in 2014, the average was about 61 per cent according to Civicinfo BC. The City of Vancouver itself recorded a dismal 37.57 per cent.