May 27, 2024

Michael Siervo and Vangie Caoile are the two chairpersons of the Filipino Chamber of Commerce Alberta.

Canadian Filipino entrepreneurs in Alberta have formed a new association to foster unity and cooperation in the business community.

 Called Filipino Chamber of Commerce Alberta (FCCA), the establishment of the organization was one of the ideas that came out of the first Alberta Filipino Leaders Summit in June 2018.

The chamber recalls on its website (, “Through a unanimous vote, business leaders agreed that an organization is needed to represent the best interest of the Filipino Canadian community through its business leaders.”

With the help of 15 volunteers, FCCA was launched last summer.

“The purpose of the Filipino Chamber of Commerce is to enhance the economic, civic and cultural wellbeing of the Filipino Canadian community by elevating the visibility, standards and ethics of its business leaders,” according to FCCA.

“Our mission is to provide members with opportunities for connections and business development through networking and educational programs, increased visibility in the community, advocacy, and access to business and government leaders.”

The business chamber noted on its website that there are 175,000 Albertans who trace their ancestry to the Philippines, and they are “represented in almost all walks of life”.

The organization represents a diverse field, from “food and beverage, professional corporations, entertainment, trades, agriculture, hospitality immigration, health and wellness, real estate and many other business sectors.

Michael Siervo and Vangie Caoile are co-chairs of the board of FCCA.

“Filipino Chamber of Commerce Alberta provides a wide range of services and benefits to help our members and associate organizations develop meaningful networks, promote their business proposition, stay informed with community events, save on business expenses through group discounts, collectively advocate as a voice of the Filipino business community and foster economic development for all,” according to the group. “The priority of the chamber is to help businesses grow by building connections and providing relevant support, information and tools.”

Its work is guided by the principles of RESPECT, meaning R – Respect, E – Equality, S – Service, P – Professionalism, E – Excellence, C – Commitment, and T – Trust.

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