Jul 20, 2024

Arcie Lim is an active member of the community and archdiocese in the Greater Vancouver area.

A Canadian Filipino has been elected to the Supreme Board of Directors of the Knights of Columbus.

In a first for a Canadian Filipino, Arcie Lim won a seat in the international council of the Catholic fraternal order, which counts about two million members across the world.

Lim was elected on August 8, 2018 during the three-day international Supreme Convention of the order held in Maryland.

Lim is an accountant by profession. He joined the Knights of Columbus in 1982.

Lim is currently affiliated with the Knights of Columbus’ St. Mary’s Parish Council 13072 in Vancouver.

Lim is an active member of the Canadian Filipino community. He was past president of Circulo Pampangueno, a non-profit organization extending financial aid and scholarships to students in the Philippines. He is also presently vice president of the United Filipino Canadian Associations in British Columbia.

Arcie and his wife, Matilde, have two sons.

A media release by the Connecticut-headquartered Knights of Columbus recalled that Lim was a past State Deputy for British Columbia and the Yukon.

Lim was elected as State Deputy for B.C. and the Yukon in 2015, the first Canadian Filipino to head the jurisdiction.

Lim also served as president of the Knights of Columbus (B.C.) Charity Foundation.

Lim is also active in the archdiocese. He served a three-year term on a special task force of the Catholic Independent School of Vancouver Archdiocese.

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