Jun 19, 2024

A non-profit, non-partisan group is urging Canada’s largest voting bloc to go out and vote. 

Called Future Majority, it is urging millennial and Generation Z voters to vote in both advance polls and election day in October by a vigorous campaign on and off campuses as well as providing tools that prospective voters can use in considering who to vote come election day.

Canadians aged 18 to 38 years make up 37 percent of the country’s population. Future Majority believes that increasing the participation of young voters even by a small percentage in each riding can dramatically change the outcome of the federal elections. It aims to hold 80,000 in-person conversations with young Canadians about issues important to them and personally walk 30,000 students directly to the polls.

Future Majority launched a competitive paid election organizing fellowship that runs from August 2019 through mid-October 2019. Successful fellows received intensive classroom training to lead large-scale, volunteer-driven voter education drive and turnout programs targeting young voters in various campuses.

Future Majority also created an online tool www.govotecanada.ca which helps all prospective voters, not just the Millennial and Generation Z voters, to find out which party’s policies and platform closely reflects one’s values. The online tools also show polling predictions that are updated every few days leading up to the elections, the number of eligible young voters in each riding, how and where to vote as well as a calendar invite and text service to remind voters of when to vote and what identification to bring.

The group estimates that it is present on more than 20 university and college campuses and will have about 20 organizers and close to 300 canvassers by October 5, when voting begins on some campuses.

Future Majority is funded through a partnership with Environmental Defence Canada, the support of The Ivey Foundation, The David Suzuki Foundation and individual supporters.

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