Jun 19, 2024

Following the success of her documentary Finding Big Foot, Canadian Filipino director Kat Jayme goes deep into finding out why the Vancouver Grizzlies “disappeared” in her new documentary, The Grizzlie Truth, featured in both the Vancouver and Calgary international film festivals.

The film follows Jayme’s investigation into her hometown team’s disappearance that becomes a love letter to the worst professional sports franchise in history, and an exploration of the deep roots of fandom.

In an interview with The Daily Hive, Jayme revealed, “I am so honoured to be able to tell the story of a team that means so much to me and so many other fans and ballers that were impacted by the Vancouver Grizzlies. This untold story has stuck with me for two decades.”

Jayme shared with CBC, "If I had one story in my career that I wanted to tell, it was the story of the Vancouver Grizzlies. They had such a huge impact in my life and I've always wanted to pay tribute to them. They inspired me to dream big."

The Grizzlie Truth will be shown on October 1 and 5 at Vancouver’s Centre for Performing Arts on Homer Street as part of the Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) and on October 1 at Eau Claire 1 on First Avenue in Calgary as part of the Calgary International Film Festival. Details on showings and tickets are available at https://viff.org/whats-on/the-grizzlie-truth/ and https://www.ciffcalgary.ca/films/2022/grizzlie-truth/.

Finding Big Country won the VIFF Must See BC Film and Audience Choice awards in 2018.

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