Apr 13, 2024

Shasha Nakhai has produced award-winning documentaries.

A film by Toronto-based Shasha Nakhai is the top choice for best short documentary in the 2016 Rhode Island International Film Festival.

The Philippine-born Nakhai produced Frame 394, a 29-minute documentary about a young man from Canada who got entangled in a police-involved shooting in South Carolina.

Festival organizers announced the winners in the various categories on August 14. An annual event for the past two decades, this year’s festival screened 273 films from 67 countries.

Nakhai is a filmmaker with Compy Films in Toronto. Her earlier works have also received recognition in other festivals. These include Baby Not Mine, a documentary in 2009 about Filipino caregivers in Canada.

Nakhai is a graduate of Ryerson University's broadcast journalism program.

Nakhai is part Filipino and part Iranian. Born in the Philippines, she grew up in Nigeria. She came to Canada as an international student in 2003.

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