Jul 17, 2024

Dianna David
Dianna David - performing artist and inspirational speaker

Dianna David isa performing artist and inspirational speaker. The Alberta-born and B.C.-based artist is the creative mind behind the Red Ball Movement, a project that seeks to empower people through dance, performance, and self-expression.

If you haven’t heard of David and her famous red ball yet, get ready to be inspired. Born and raised in Edmonton, she became a mechanical engineer. After a number of years working in her profession, she decided to go to a clown school to follow her dream. There, they were told that they needed to find their shtick – that special something that will make them stand out.

David has done numerous workshops across the globe. She inspires people of all ages to live a life of PLAY: Passion, Love, Art, and Youthfulness because the art of play opens infinite possibilities.

Most importantly, David also finds fulfillment in empowering the youth. “Empowering the youth is like changing the future. What I give to these young children, I know will develop their minds towards knowing they are all leaders and can express what's going on for them through creativity, expression and dance,” said David.

David added: “I believe in keeping the power of these young imaginative minds as open as possible and keep them motivated to be effective leaders in the world.” For info: www.diannadavid.ca.


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