Jun 19, 2024

Dear Canadian Filipino Net readers,     

With only 11 years left to take meaningful action to avert climate catastrophe, the upcoming federal election is critical -- which is why Leadnow members across the country have hit the ground running on your 2019 election campaign to make it a turning point for climate.

We’ve been talking to voters, tabling at farmers markets, and booking candidate meetings to talk to politicians about the bold climate solutions we need to address the scale of the crisis we face.

It might be the dog days of summer, but members of the Leadnow community are working hard. All over the country a groundswell of everyday people -- teachers, students, grandmas and grandpas -- are coming together in local ridings, volunteering their time and energy to build the momentum we need to make this federal election a turning point for the climate.

From coast to coast to coast, over 700 Leadnow members in 141 ridings have signed up to join Leadnow’s election volunteer network. Here’s just a snapshot of what we’ve been up to:

  • We’re raising the bar on climate: so far we've had 52 meetings with local candidates across party lines to push them to put forward their boldest solutions to the climate crisis and to encourage climate champions for our election campaign.
  • We’re reaching out to voters, swarming farmers’ markets and festivals -- we’ve had over 8,500 face-to-face conversations with voters about the importance of this election for climate action, and how Green New Deal policies offer the best and safest solutions.
  • We’re Influencing the debate on climate -- by pushing CBC to host one. Last week, Leadnow members along with OurTime and North 99, hand-delivered 48,000 petition signatures to the CBC urging them to host a Federal Leaders’ Climate Debate -- which we’ve never had before.
    Looking ahead, we’re going to continue challenging candidates -- at events, in meetings, and debates -- to put forward their best ideas for climate action. And we’re going to continue mobilizing voters in key ridings, so we can build up the people-power needed to win.

And as we get closer to election day, we’ll be ramping up with massive door knocking days of action, organizing around all-candidate debates, and phone and texting campaigns focused on key battleground races.

Together we can ensure the climate is the top issue this election and lay the ground for getting a Green New Deal for Canada in the next Parliament.

You can be a part of this too, CFNet readers. We’re having a local volunteer meeting near you to share campaign updates and plan next steps to make this election a turning point for climate. Will you join us? Sign up here.

There will be lots of opportunities to get involved in this election -- and, none of this would be possible without the thousands of people who power this movement -- including you. Whether that’s donating your time, voice, money or vote -- we are endlessly grateful.

Thanks for all you do,
Rachel, Cherry, Tim, and Dana on behalf of Leadnow

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