Jul 20, 2024

After a year of operation, Canadian Filipino.Net launches a sponsorship program, inviting the business community to participate in the work and benefits of sharing Canadian Filipino stories that matter coast to coast.

CanadianFilipino.Net understands that integrity and quality work are important in any business or organization.  We value our Partners who invest in us and support us in our mandate to provide a platform for different voices in a nationwide dialogue about Canadian Filipino issues, needs, views, activities and contributions to Canadian progress and prosperity.

 In a period of a year, our website has collected over a million visits and we continue to grow as a grassroots organization fiercely dedicated to elevating and raising the profile of Canadian Filipinos across Canada.

We are a unique media platform in that we profile Canadian Filipinos’ place in Canadian society. We showcase how Canadian Filipinos embrace Canadian culture in their daily lives while staying connected with their Filipino heritage in various ways.
The number of Canadian Filipinos is approaching a million. Canadian Filipinos contribute to the success of Canada. We are influenced and affected by what matters most to us: our family, our friends and our community. Canadian Filipinos share each other’s triumphs, cheer for the success of fellow Canadian Filipinos, grieve together and carry each other through challenging times. Canadian Filipino.Net reflects these experiences through news, features, commentaries, editorials and self-help articles anchored in the principles of quality journalism.


With your business or individual sponsorship:

  • Your brand and business have the potential to reach almost one million Canadian Filipinos across Canada both in large cities and smaller communities.
  • Shows your support to the value of diversity and culture that is flourishing in Canada.
  •  Demonstrates that your values align with our values. Rest assured that your brand will be displayed with integrity and professionalism. We stand firm on ensuring that our stories have depth, quality and most importantly are relevant to what matters most to Canadian Filipinos.
  • Our dedicated staff will work with you to achieve your business outcomes and goals through your sponsorship.

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Kaye LiaoBanez is the Marketing Director of Canadian Filipino Net. Kaye is the author of a children’s book, See Yah in the Morning! A Bedtime Story, and is the publisher of her own boutique publishing firm, Bammstella Creations. She was the culinary instructor for the first Filipino cooking course called “Filipino Fiesta” at a post-secondary institution in B.C. She is a mother of two young children and a fierce advocate for autism awareness and inclusion for all people, especially children in the community. She is currently working as the Communications and Marketing specialist for The Critical Thinking Consortium.

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