May 22, 2024

The National Pilipino Canadian Cultural Centre invited the Dimasalang III International Artist Group to paint outdoors at Jericho Beach Park in Vancouver on Saturday, May 29, 2021 from 11 AM  to 5 PM.

Participating Dimasalang III artists include: Leo Cunanan, Jr. Edgardo Lantin, Rod Pedralba, Andy Naval, Jess Hipolito, Francis Herradura, Carol Historillo, Hercules King, Agnes Kindrachuk,  Bert Morelos, Charlie Frenal, Mary Ann Manuel and Reynato Pablo.

The public is welcome to watch the Dimasalang artists in action while strictly observing the pandemic guidelines of social distancing and protective mask-wearing.

The Dimasalang artists group originated in the Philippines in 1968, co-founded by Sofronio Ylanan Mendoza, known for his initials SYM. Starting at the crack of dawn, most weekends, SYM, together with his artist colleagues, trekked off to find a spot to paint and capture the hazy morning light. They were seen sketching and painting street scenes of Binondo in Manila; sometimes from the rooftops of buildings. The Dimasalang artists captured sea and landscapes while forever trying to catch that ‘magical light.’

On-the-spot painting is a vital aspect of SYM’s art during his formative years in Cebu in the early ‘60s under the tutelage of his mentor Martino Abellana who was dubbed The Amorsolo of the South. When SYM moved to Vancouver in the early ’80s, he initiated the concept of painting outdoors to his art students. Finn Slough and the Steveston Harbour in Richmond were a few of the earlier venues. The parks of Minuro in Richmond and Queen Elizabeth park in Vancouver also became chosen spots where the artists met and painted in the summer months. Since then the Dimasalang Artist Group has enjoyed life drawing during the other seasons of the year,

Dimasalang III international artist group is a registered non-profit organization based in British Columbia. The group aims to raise awareness of contemporary arts and culture; provide inspiration and development of artistic talents, and encourage a positive impact and contribution to the community. The group offers mentorship, life drawing, plein aire painting in the summertime, life drawing sessions and opportunities to join group exhibitions.

The sponsor of this painting outdoors event at Jericho Beach Park is the National Pilipino Canadian Cultural Centre (NPC3), a registered non-profit society in British Columbia formed in July 2019 with charitable status under the application. NPC3’s goal is to make Filipino Canadians aware of their identity and culture and to proudly share it with Canadian society in general.  It provides opportunities for young Filipinos born in Canada and other Canadians to enhance their knowledge of Philippine history, arts, culture, language and heritage in order to advance the Canadian public’s appreciation of Philippine arts and culture. Website:

Media Contact: Leo Cunanan, Jr.

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