Jun 19, 2024

Mother’s Day in Canada is celebrated every second Sunday in May.

It is a national holiday but not a public or bank holiday so businesses are open just like any other Sunday.

This is an apt way to celebrate motherhood because mothers take no holidays. 

On this day, children remember and honor their mothers by visiting with hugs, flowers or gifts and taking out mother for a nice brunch, lunch or dinner.  If they are far away, they send Mother’s Day cards or phone in their best wishes via long distance. Grandmothers, godmothers and other significant female figures in the family are included in the celebrations and gift-giving.    

A Mother’s Day celebration, however, should not be just for one day. Mothers should be celebrated all year round because that’s what they deserve. A mother is the most important member of a family and the most hardworking. She keeps the family together. She is the person who works all day and night taking care of everything at home and outside the home.

Motherhood demands tremendous sacrifices. That’s why mothers seem to have an abundance of compassion, unconditional love, patience, joy, surrender and self-sacrifice to nourish the family. Motherhood is a big responsibility because every mother not only brings her children into the world but also provides them with the foundation and character on which to build their future as adults. True motherhood requires endless courage, dedication, selflessness, patience and love.  Their reward is joy and pride in how their children turn out as adults. 

Giving our moms extra love and recognition – flowers, a card, or a nice brunch for a day on Mother’s Day – is the very least we can do. If we become good mothers to our children, like our own mothers were to us, so that we serve as role models for them when they become mothers themselves, then our mothers have done a good job by us.  But we can never repay them and honor them enough because good mothers are precious blessings from heaven. They are priceless. 

Let us treasure our mother everyday and tell her every chance we get how much we love and respect her for what she has done and continues to do all her life.  As we all know, motherhood never ends no matter how old her children  have become.  


By Eleanor R. Laquian for
The CFNet Editorial Board 
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