Jul 17, 2024

The summer of 2020 is unlike any other summer we have had before. 

 With the country still in lockdown mode, the usual favorite summer activities are out –  travelling to a “Must-see wonder of the world” or picnicking on the beach with many friends.

With self-imposed isolation and social distancing, people must think of ways to spend their vacation time at home with only immediate family for company. 

It has been months since the Covid-19 virus first heard about in Canada. Life for most people has changed since and nothing may ever be as it was before Covid-19.

Although we may save the world by staying home, summer days can be too long if we are not doing something we enjoy. Aside from resting from the stress of daily life and relaxing to recharge, how can we make staying home an opportunity to gain knowledge and experience?


  1. Do new things. Learn a new language or to play a musical instrument whether it's piano, guitar or ukulele. There are many books in the library for this.  Some music stores even have lessons and rental guitar and uke while you learn.  

  2. Volunteer in your community. Endless number of volunteering opportunities await in your neigbourhood: the community center, church, hospital, library, even the airport. 

  3. Read books that you never had time before. Relax with a book among flowering plants in the balcony or in a cozy sofa in your home.

  4. Start a garden be it a window box of fast blooming annuals or a pot of herbs or tomatoes and sweet bell peppers. Visit garden shops and nurseries to see what new plants are available. 

  5. Sort and organize your photos and make a scrapbook of photos, plane tickets, travel memorabilia and brochures. Write your family history and relive old memories. 

  6. Have a backyard picnic or barbecue for your family. 

  7. Learn to cook and share the food with friends and family for a taste of your new skills. 

  8. Catch up with old friends. Call them to know how much their life has changed since last speaking with you. Use phone and email more since you can no longer socialize in person.

  9. To make a change in your life, redecorate or reorganize your home, one room at a time. Use imagination, not money. Recycle old curtains into cushion covers, bring in plants and flowers from your garden, cut up leftover wallpaper as background for framed photos. Donate clothes, books and furniture no longer used. Or be creative and rearrange your old furniture.

  10. On a rainy day, marathon the entire Harry Potter movies or the Downton Abbey series from start to final episode. It may take hours of watching, not including snacks and bathroom breaks. 


To feel relaxed and restored, you need stuff that lifts your spirit. This comes from doing things you genuinely enjoy as well as doing good deeds for others. Old folks who no longer drive are homebound. Offer to shop for them. Phone an old friend in a nursing home and offer to do errands if needed. Old age is lonely especially during this lockdown period.  

BC has succeeded in stopping the spread of Covid-19 so we must be doing something right – wearing a mask,  washing our hands often, keeping 6 feet away from each other, staying home, going out only as needed and showing gratitude and appreciation to frontline workers who keep us safe at their own risk.  If we keep this up, even this pandemic summer can be fun in its own way. Happy summer days, everyone!


For The CFNet Editorial Board 
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