Jul 17, 2024

Famed Jollibee mascot greets customers at the opening of Jollibee in Scarborough.

Following the success of two locations in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Jollibee opens a third Canadian location at #15 William Kitchen Road in Scarborough, Ontario on Easter Sunday, April 1.

 “We can’t wait to open our doors to the amazing people of Toronto,” says Jose Miñana, Jollibee Foods Corporation’s (JFC) Group President for North America. “For us, nothing brings greater joy than to bring people together over great tasting food and happy moments. We are excited to bring to Scarborough the popular dishes that many now enjoy in different parts of the world.”

 The Filipino brand’s popular favourites include crispylicious and juicylicious Jolly Crispy Chicken, Jolly Spaghetti (sweet-style sauce with chunks of savory ham, ground meat, and hotdog), Palabok Fiesta (a traditional Filipino noodle dish served in garlic sauce, crushed pork rind, shrimp, and egg), and Peach Mango Pie.

The Canadian market plays a key role in the company’s North America expansion plans. Jollibee Scarborough is not only the company’s third store in Canada but also its 40th store in North America.
“As the most populous metropolitan area in Canada, we knew that we had to be in Toronto,” explains Maribeth dela Cruz, Vice President and General Manager for JFC North America. “Scarborough may be the 40th store we are opening in North America, but we can assure you that we look forward to each store opening like it is our first!”

Jollibee opened its first store in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 2016.

“Winnipeg is a fitting choice for Jollibee’s first Canadian store because it has the largest density of Filipinos to the total population of the city,” says JFC Brand Manager Dianne Yorro in an exclusive interview with Canadian Filipino Net. “Since we opened our first Winnipeg store in December 2016 to the second one a year after, we are continuously surprised and humbled by the very enthusiastic welcome and support that the local community has shown us.”

Yorro adds that the Greater Toronto Area is a key area for Jollibee’s expansion plan in Canada so the Scarborough location will not be its lone Toronto location.

Jollibee Foods Corporation, incorporated in 1975, is the largest Asian food service company and the largest restaurant company in the Philippines. It operates over 3,800 stores globally with store branches in the United States, Canada, China (including Hong Kong), Brunei, Vietnam, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Indonesia, Korea and Italy.


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